Jamie Christine Robbins

Back in grade school, I used to bring my cheap little camera to school and take photos of my friends at recess. I wanted to always remember every one of my classmates, as well as our adventures catching grasshoppers and playing stuck-in-the-mud tag. My curiosity for cameras and photography grew quickly as I realized I didn’t just want a photo, I wanted a photo as clear, colorful, and energetic as it felt in real time. And so, I became a collector of powerful memories and hundreds of beautiful faces.


I have many titles in addition to being a blessed photographer. I play the role of sister and daughter in a big, loving family. As a family, we believe most things qualify as a reason to celebrate. I am a Wisconsin native and new resident of North Carolina. I really enjoy snow, but nothing beats the smell of the ocean air. I am a college graduate, but also a lifelong student with a curious heart. I have an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts and a Bachelors Degree in Communications. I’ve traveled, and will continue to travel because my admiration for different cultures and experiences needs to thrive. I embrace change, as well as moments that push me out of my comfort zone. Calling me a “people person” might actually be an understatement.  


As a photographer, I try not to have a strict “style”. I want to be flexible and open to YOUR style, and I want your photos to feel like you. So, I want to get to know you. I want to laugh and talk and hang out. Learning the fun details about a person, a family, a couple, or even a pet is the special ingredient that helps me capture photos that are totally, authentically you. I see beauty in the unconventional. Actually, I see beauty in most things. I try to scope out the sentimental knickknacks and whimsical expressions while shooting. I’ve been digging this journey as a photographer and it’s only just begun.

Milwaukee, WI


Raleigh, NC

New home